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Ray Beck, welcome

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Joe Roark

Ray, here is the article.





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Dale Credico

That's a great article! There's a couple of related links added in this post of it . . .


Some people may have problems believing that a very limited number of major movements can be enough to get what they want here. This example has only two, one done each day, with rest days factored in. Using the same lifts over and over and over for long periods of time can create wear injuries, so that's something to keep an eye on if you're gonna do this type of training.  Some people also have problems with the "percent" intensity with Hepburn's approach. The weights should start out far from your max numbers for the prescribed reps, and progress slowly and gradually over time (long periods of time, the thing that impatient types can't seem to handle with Hepburn training). No grinding, no psyching, no training on the nerve. Let the progression take place slowly over time.

Do the same with progressive eating, don't take any of it too seriously but do it all right, and it'll work.


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