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Gerry Blais, welcome

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Joe Roark

Gerry, welcome to ironhistory.com!

Please read the forum rules before posting, then join in when ready.

Are you the Gerry Blais that was profiled by David Chapman in Ironman November 1996?


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Guest Gerry Blais

Interesting?Maybe?I never paid much attention to the mags.I was in several magazine in regards to me training Chyna(WWF/WWE),as well as some shows I did.

I won the Overall at the 2001 NPC New Englands,if that helps?

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Guest Gerry Blais
I went to high school with Gerry, very good guy..

Gerry, welcome aboard !


Thank you Dave,

Just so everyone knows,Mr.Hartnet here was way ahead of his time back in High School.The man was the thickest little Freak at a very young age.Back then,it was only a few of us training like Animals(or training at all).I remember training till I could barely walk,jumping on my peddle bike(even though I had a car)and pushing hard for 10 miles to Burger King.I would eat 5 Whoppers,Five Large Fries and take a few for the road.Jumped back on the bike and rode home for more!Those were the days!!!

Dave is an amazing Musician.Talented and genetically blessed!A true Freak!

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Guest Gerry Blais

Gerry, you're wayyy too kind...

And I do remember you pulling into BK on your bike back then, oh the good old days !

Only stating the facts Dave!

Have seen some insane things in Powerlifting and Bodybuilding throughout the years.Time has flown by.

Turning 40 in July.Looking forward to competing in Masters.Gotta show them kids a thing or two....LOL!


How's the Music going?

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David Hartnett

Things are going well, still playing guitar and bass depending on who shows up to play. I have a 2 car garage, one side is my gym, one side is a music studio..

Gym pics can be seen here on IH member Jim Beans site. Jims garage gym is one of the best I've ever seen.


Been a cold winter in the garage, thank god summer is coming !

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Guest Gerry Blais
That`s an awesome gym Dave!!

Gerry,why only 5 Whoppers and 5 lg. fries? :)

That's all I could eat after the bike ride.When I would get home,I'd chow on whatever was there.I ate so much as a teen.Worked out like an animal.I would get up for school...try and do 1000 push-ups before leaving the house...school all day....Gymnastics after school(brutal)......work till 10....ride my bike home from work(10 miles)....workout in basement for 3 hours.....every freak'n night.

I had a 300 pound bench as Freshman and a 500 deadlift as well(Swear to God!!).Only weighed 150 or so!

Edited by Gerry Blais
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