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Joel Brandwein #500

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Joe Roark

Joel, welcome to ironhistory.com- you are our 500th member!

Please read the forum rules before posting, then join in when ready.


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Mark Kodya


I have said it before and I'll say it again - You and Bill built it and they came! 500! Wow, I remember when #100 was a big deal. Who was the first member to join - not you or Bill or your first mods, but first actual member? Are they still with us?


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Joe Roark

I'll have to check on that, Mark.

Joel is technically identified as member #1372, not at #500. This is because we occasionally prune inactive members from our roster, or prune those who are disruptive to the spirit of this site. 872 members have thus been removed. Other sites warn and warn disruptive members; we give either one warning or no warning. I am not here to babysit bad behaviour. The majority of those are simply people who stopped by to check out the site, found it not their interest and never came back. Since I have no interest in inflated membership numbers, we remove them.

Bill can tell you that I used to bug him wondering what I could do to increase membership. He can also tell you that I no longer do that or care about that. Although 500 is a tidy population here, and may lend interest to some (including, formerly, me) I am more concerned with participation that population. We have some people who stop by often to only read, perhaps feeling they have little to add and who use this as a reference site.

I am grateful to those who post and share images and offer discussion. Without them this site would be at a standstill.

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