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The Rules for IronHistory.com Forums

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Bill Piche

First: please take a moment to write down your password for this forum. If you misplace it there is a system in place for you to find it, but neither I nor the mods can see your password, so we cannot supply it to you. Thanks.

To members: Do not post until you understand the following rules- if you post, it is assumed you have read, understood, and have agreed to abide by these rules, and to accept their meanings.

1.This website has limited borders- we deal with history. If you have a suggestion for improving the forums, PM or email the mods or Joe- do not debate in the public forums any changes in what you feel should be included or excluded.

2. Attack an argument as fiercely as you wish, but not the person making the argument. Do not make your comments personal.

3. Discussion of training methods only in Training Talk. No discussion of steroids or other drugs unless you have proof- not if you have guesses, and only in the Drug Talk section. Some old posts remain which are carry-overs from the unfortunate three times when such talk was briefly allowed, but those posts should illustrate why drug talk is not currently allowed- they should not prompt further posting about drugs. NO STEROID DISCUSSION!

4. We are after the truth regarding the subjects and persons we cover. We are interested in dates/places/lifts/biographies/ and other details about the history of strength.

5. We do not cover all aspects of the iron game. There are other forums that cover the aspects that we ignore, so if you wish to discuss those aspects, go elsewhere.

6. Zero tolerance for trolls and troublemakers.

7. No profanity or revealing nudity or snide remarks about anyone. And yes, 'DAMN' and 'HELL' and 'SHIT' are considered curse words here. The thinking is that if we set the standard high then other more extreme words will not follow. So when you are warned- if you decide to test this rule- do not consider that we are threatening you. We are simply enforcing the rule. If you somehow cannot avoid cursing, good luck elsewhere because this door is forever shut to you.

8. Anyone joining under a name which is known or famous may be asked privately to verify that identity so that no masquerade posts are presented on ironhistory.com. If no co-operation is forthcoming the person will be removed.

9. Training techniques may be discussed here. Share your training ideas, but do not get into debates about whether 5 sets of five is better than 5 sets of 6. Keep in mind what works for you now may not be the final answer (even for you). Have fun!

10. If a member continues to post whether by content or attitude, so as to be judged by the moderators as intending to cause trouble on the forums, that member may be dismissed.

11. (this rule is in temporary suspension as a test period) No anonymous visits. You were required to use your real name to join, and no lurking under 'anonymous member' will be allowed.

12. Moderators will not become involved in removing your appropriate posts or images, so please post only what you intend to have remain as part of this site. In other words, if you post it, it stays here even if you choose to leave or are removed.

13. To remain a member here see Rules 1 through 12. We seldom suspend members here- either you are a member in good standing, or you leave. You may be warned via PM, or in the relevant post, depending on the violation, then if you choose not to comply, goodbye. People so removed need not bother trying to re-join. If you choose to keep your PM box full, you will not be able to receive the warning; your call, but I will not respond to emails regarding your status here.

14. Keep in mind that this is a private website, and that your presence here is subject to change without notice, without given reason, without discussion, and usually without appeal.

15. You agree that even if you leave this forum, or are expelled, your posts remain here,

As a matter of current housekeeping, please be aware that occasionally we remove members who have not visited the site for a few months, deeming them no longer interested in remaining members. It is our goal to have members who participate, but failing that, to have members who at least enter the site regularly. If you fail to visit for a few months, your status becomes 'Inactive' which you can change by simply posting.

Joe Roark

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Joe Roark

Bumping for new members. We lately have been having hell and damn being used which violates the rules.

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Joe Roark

Bumping for re-acquaintance with Rule 7.

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Joe Roark

Bumping again for those who may have not read, or who have forgotten.

ironhistory is a limited topic forum.

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