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Joe Roark

How to find an article

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Joe Roark

Some of you seem unaware that I have shared thousands of pages of my files.

Most recently, members have been wondering where to find articles by Ted Derek Sobel.

To find any author, or subject, search by using:

Roark File Excerpts "A"   or "B" etc

Roark File Excerpt  'S" would have led you to this:


                        by Joe Roark
        May 1979 p 34 Walking tall- the story of a 5'4.5" All American:
                      Jerry Mirro
        Jul 1979 p 40 Barbells on Campus at Fordham

        Mar 1981 p 31 The E-Z Bar Arm Jar
        Jul 1981 p 50 Eddie Coyle-winningest lifter
        Mar 1982 p 42 Bench Press Express

        Nat BB:
        Jun 1982 p 19 World's tallest BBer: Dud Tongal
        Dec 1982 p 23 Positive Power

        Jun 1983 p 12 Experimentation and adaptation
        Feb 1984 p 23 It's Bob Gallucci, naturally
        Apr 1985 p 52 Mighty Mo (Moses Maldonado)
        Feb 1986 p  9 pho @ "Ted Derek Sobel was recently given a plaque
                        recognizing him as the 'Most talented and popular
                        author the weight world has ever known'. This  oc-
                        cured at the AAU / WABBA Teenage Mr. Universe, Ms.
                        Universe contest in New York City. As yet we have
                        had no comment from Ricky Wayne on the merit of this
                 p 65 pho and heading "Something's not write here":
                       "Twice Derek T. Sobel, was given an award for
                        'The Most Talented and Popular Author the Weight
                        World has ever Known"
        Spring 1984 p 13 Preoccupational Therapy

        Apr 1981 p 50 The complete Power Rack attack

        IM:                     SOBEL, TED DEREK                by Joe Roark
        Jul 1980 p 33 The super shoulder developer
        Jul 1981 p 53 It worked for Joe Guadagno: the power rack and
                      partial movements will work for you
        Jan 1982 p 25 Biceps mania
        Nov 1983 p 45 The Super Hill Gang: weight training makes great
                      football players
        Jan 1984 p 56 Bob Blaufarb- weight trained super athlete
        May 1984 p 44 Training for the line: how Mark DiFabio does it
                 p 45 Ted Derek Sobel- a true world champ- Hernandez

        Muscle & Power:         SOBEL, TED DEREK                by Joe Roark
        Aug 1983 p 42 Bob Gallucci interview
        Nov 1984 p  5 Editorial: the state of the sport
                 p  6 Casey Kucharyk: ultimate shred
                 p 21 Jeff King- winning's the thing
                 p 46 Jeff Magruderp bench presser galactica
                 p 54 Jack Chevrier- Montreal manstopper
                 p 78 Gym of the month: Adonis Health Club, Bronx
                 p 82 Meet your editor: Ted Derek Sobel: why he is no
                      longer unemployed
        Feb 1985 p  6 Andreas Cahling- comes a Norseman
                 p 30 Dean Behling, Nebraska Samson
                 p 50 Tom Terwilliger, Massapequa Mercenary
                 p 59 Moses Maldonado: pre contest blitz
                 p 60 Ray Gingo: Buckeye Blizzard
                 p 70 Women as art

        MTI:            SOBEL, TED DEREK                        by Joe Roark
        Jun 1980 p 12 Ton and stun training
                 p 24 Fordham: football training routine
        May 1981 p 32 Biceps thesaurus
        Oct 1981 p 32 The complete Power Rack attack
        Feb 1982 p 72 edits a piece of fiction by Jul Acultra entitled:
                      THE DORIDIAN CHRONICLES
        Apr 1982 p 76 Training with "Too Strong"
        Dec 1982 p 69 Jeff Magruder: Northwest Hercules
        Mar 1983 p 38 Plotting the super squat
                 p 56 31st Century BBing today!
        May 1983 p 45 Untimate sets: The Ultimate Masser
        Jun 1983 p 17 Train sanely
        Aug 1983 p 16 Power pausing
                 p 29 Great taper/shaper
        Jan 1985 p 10 Personalize your training
        May 1991 p 56 Boro on fire
        Oct 1991 p 54 Interview with David Howe about BBing in New Zealand
        Nov 1991 p 80 List of Gotham's gyms
        Sep 1992 p 62 Posin' to be chosen
        Apr 1993 p 76 Ted Sobel- Goods

        Jul 1992 p 56 Staying big while getting ripped!

        Muscle & BBer:
        Nov 1981 p 26 Stress those triceps
        May 1983 p 38 Fordham University "Muscle State"
        Jul 1983 p 39 Danger: Muscle melt down
        Sep 1983 p 26 E-Z way to upper body development
        Nov 1983 p 29 Truth about power training
        Jan 1984 p 46 Jay's gym, Liberty, MO.
        Mar 1984 p 42 Dean Behling, the dean of powerlifting
        Jul 1984 p 43 Ming 'The Thing' Chew: mini-monster of muscledom
        Sum 1985 p 40 Chest bombing "Big Apple" style

        Nat Physique:
        Oct 1991 p 45 NASA Big East Mojo Muscle Classic
        Feb 1992 p 62 Inside the natural 'Apple'

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Liam Tweed

thanks Joe

i was wondering if you had a list on Sobel

i should have known!






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Joe Roark
1 hour ago, Liam Tweed said:

thanks Joe

i was wondering if you had a list on Sobel

i should have known!






I have files on most everybody if they were in the magazines (thousands) that I filed. There are a couple of major people missing because I somehow managed to accidentally delete their files.:wub:

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