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Joe Roark

Please Read Before Posting: Combining Threads

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Joe Roark

A member sent this message to the moderators, and he has a valid point.

We need to continue threads of a similar nature rather than start new threads about the same topic.

The member's name is not the point, but I asked for permission to use his message.

His point:

Three topics currently exist around the topic of AOBS for this year. The first started by David and the other two by Mike and all three contain similar information.


The purpose of both of Mike’s topics is to advertise AOBS, the content is advertisement like, and the second topic is posted a mere 6 hours after the first on the very same forum. I take issue with the repeat topics.


Repetitive topics dilute the content of a forum in that they are unnecessary in nature and thus intrusive, clutter the front page, and worsen the search functionality which is tedious enough as it is with the refresh limits and navigating from page-to-page.


Visit any popular forum and a repeat topic of this nature from the same poster would result in a merging of the topics. IH may not receive an abundance of new topics calling for such action, however posting of topics should be considered a privilege and serve to further the conversation, not unnecessarily duplicate it. 


As implied by forum rule number 5, you give people an inch, and they take a mile. Boundaries are pushed and an example is made for others on what is acceptable decorum.


The topic was posted hours after the original, by the same person, is advertisement like, and clearly references a topic that is already on the same page. In my mind it meets the criteria and definition of spam and therefore it is categorically spam regardless of the author’s intent.


An update to any of the other two topics is a more appropriate use of the forum.


I like the information on this forum and the way the rules are clearly laid out, followed, and enforced. As someone that struggles to locate information on the forums due to needing to wade through tons of info as it is, I found the duplicate topic annoying and decided to flag it.


I predict a fourth topic which contains pictures of the event. I will enjoy the content but will be reminded of the annoyance when I attempt to perform a search across the forums and see a bunch of duplicate AOBS topics pop-up because they contain keywords that I am using in my search.


More than anything, this is nothing more than a nuisance that I am passing along for consideration in update of the forum rules and guidelines. My guess is if you ran some statistics, I would likely be a heavy user of the search function which is why I felt strongly enough to take issue with it.


No need for further discussion on my part, my original intent was only to flag the post and move on, and not dictate how you should run your forum.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Valid point, so please, if you post photos of AOBS, or additional information, place such in an existing thread rather than begin a new thread.

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