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Joe Roark

Recently a friend told me of some people he knew of who could afford to buy groceries, but instead would alternate among three food pantries here in the area and get free groceries. This is of course the ugly side of welfare abuse.

What has that got to do with this website?

We have people who have plenty of information and images and magazines and large collections who could supply the site with growth and information but who seldom/never post- they only circle the sections here taking and never giving.

Soon I will be reviewing members who I know fit this category and removing some members. I have received complaints about these members, so action will finally be taken. Consider this the notice you may later claim you never were given: August 22, 2010. Today things begin changing. If you are removed please do not re-apply. You will be ignored. The entry to this site is also to be tightened. As I have often said, the number of members does not matter to me- the participation matters.

Want to stay here? Start posting if you are in the above scenario. There will be no other notice or warning.

I apologize to those members who have always kept this site going- my schedule has slowed my policing of this situation.

And to those who find themselves removed- please do not take it any more personally than you think I should take it that you withhold what you are perfectly able to share but refuse to.

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