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How about this?

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Joe Roark

If you join here, how about introducing yourself?

If you choose not to, that's okay, but do not use this site as a conduit to lead to your site by posting links or Status messages unless you participate here.

We are not here for people to plant directional flags and then leave.

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Yes, Joe, I'll back that up by saying we all enjoy hearing

and reading about others, especially with the commonalities

we have in the iron. Once the grip is felt and the pump or

lift completed, the love affair begins. I have been working out

since the age of 12, and now I am 63, 64 in August, nearly as old

as Joe...well, I wouldn't go that far--lol. But I am more motivated

than ever! And to prove the point, I'm starting to get serious for

my last trip to Greece and the outer Greek Islands this coming September.

I plan on reaching peak condition with old-fashioned nutrition and exercise.

I already have most of my six-pack so working on the rest. I will succeed!! :rolleyes:

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