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Guest Jeremiah Fox

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Guest Jeremiah Fox

Hey guys,

My name is Jeremiah Fox, and I am a preforming strongman, and decent steel bender. Oldetime strongmen have always fascinated me, and I hope to learn much more about them here on this great forum! Good to be here!

God Bless,


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Bob Hornick

Welcome Jeremiah. There are unique characters here. Many are strongmen in their own right. Many photos and much information about the old timers has been posted here. The site is like an endless textbook on strength and old iron and as old as I am I'm still learning how much I don't know. By the way, I noted your message on your video introduction: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"....I've carried that message in my billfold for many years, throughout my working career and beyond.

So welcome Jeremiah, enjoy the site and what the fine men and women who are here have to say. :)

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Joe Roark


Welcome to ironhistory.com

How did you find this site?

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Chris Rice

Welcome Foxy - guys Jeremiah is one strong steel bender and a good guy. But we'll see how his grip is tomorrow - Jeremiah is one of the contestants at the Gripmas Carol Grip Contest tomorrow (Dec 13th). I'm just glad it's not a bending comp - I wouldn't stand a chance!

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