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Hello From James Grahame

James Grahame

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James Grahame

Thought it would be polite to introduce myself.

I was a competitive IPF powerlifter in Scotland from roughly 2001 - 2004 before moving

to Melbourne Australia. I continued powerlifting but this time in a WPC organisation.

My move to Australia allowed me to have a garden for the first time since leaving my parent's

home and I quickly filled the area with grip and strongman equipment....much to my wife's disappointment.

I have run/competed in several grip competitions in Melbourne and have also managed to compete in

strongman and highland games competitions in Australia at a novice level.

I will be returning to Scotland next year and am (amongst other things) currently practicing with the Dinnie

replica rings in the hope that I can lift the stones when I return.

I enjoy reading about the history of strength sports and suspect I will be doing much more reading than posting as

everyone here seems to know so much!


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Joe Roark

No one knows more about you than you, so feel free to keep us alerted to your progress and activities.

Welcome to ironhistory.com

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paul tucker

Yes , welcome James! I've been following your Dinnie stone quest for some time now. You're a strong bastard for sure! If you get down to Hobart gimme a hoy! And note I have some stonelifting stuff gathered here Ferrolithic Park

cheers, paul

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