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LOL about Owen

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Joe Roark

When new member Lol Owen tried to register I rejected the name because we have- until recent spam-bot protection was added- been bombarded with questionable names.

So I assumed Lol Owen was Laugh Out Loud Owen. Turns out that is Mr. Owen's real first name.

Anyway, welcome aboard Lol!

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Guest Lol Owen

Thanks Joe, I've had the same trouble at facebook :rolleyes: On lots of forums when I sign off a post with my name folks think I'm laughing :rolleyes:

I've been interested in the iron game for years. Did my apprenticeship under the tutelage of M&F in the early 80's as a teenager ('nuff said). My old man was a founder member of a now defunct weightlifting club in our home town so I guess you could say it's in the blood. Some members may know me as Lol999 from the Gripboard so for those that don't I'm training grip with an aim of shutting #3 but have to hold off my strength training due to injury(ies). Still, a man can enjoy the glories of others whilst he heals.

Good to be here.

Cheers, Lol (not laughing)

Edited by Lol Owen
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This is funny. Yes, welcome Lol.

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Welcome Lol !

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