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Hello from England

Laine Snook

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Laine Snook

Hello all,

I have joined the forum to gain information on Thomas Inch, who's dumbbell I am doing alot of work with at the moment, and Apollon - who's grip feats interest me greatly.

I also am an avid collector of all things Sandow, I now have quite a large collection.

I read with great interest the articles on Thomas Inch and hope to get more information now that I am a member of the forum.

I have a throwing background and intend to compete in highland games this season, and I also hope to increase my best effort on the Rolling Thunder deadlift.

I would be greatful of any information on the Inch challenge dumbbell and I am also want to find out as much about the Apollon dumbbell as possible. I have replicas of each of these historic pieces of history.

My best wishes to all,

Laine Snook

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Joe Roark

Laine, welcome aboard!

On the paysite I presented 'Inch 101' in many parts. That is some of the material which is now being used by Bodybuilding.com.

Also, if you use the search function here, there should be bountiful reading (also on the GripBoard).

I assume when you mention the Apollon bell you refer to the bell that he lost control of overhead and tossed it behind him? I believe that bell was the property of Prof. Desbonnet, and is, for all practical purposes,-as you no doubt know- currently represented by the Millennium bell.

Another member here, David Chapman, has an incredible Sandow collection, and is, of course, THE man about all things Sandow, and has written a book about Eugen.

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