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    • Dale Credico
      Bolt's pretty fast . . . did he catch up to his money yet?  "And the gold does NOT go to . . ." 
    • simonraisch
      I read Black Swan back in '21 - excellent book. It makes it quite clear how many empty suits there are, and how many people truly don't know. "Nobody knows anything".
    • Jim Nonnemacher
      Anyone read Nassim N Taleb's books? He has 3 out there that I found interesting: Black Swan, Antifragile, and Skin in the Game. He called his investment strategy The Barbell, 80-85% of investments should be rock solid; remaining 15% are higher risk. And, you investments should be such that in the event of a Black Swan event,  you will thrive while everyone else is crashing... he refers to that as being Antifragile, being able to not only thrive but be extremely successful.
    • Liam Tweed
      equities always average out over time , i go 50%  high risk 50% low risk  high risk isnt really risky it just means the portfolio has a higher equities exposure , low risk has more property and money market i have no knowledge of the international markets  only that SA listed shares have consistently outperformed international shares SA is FUBAR a failed state with zero hope for the future  BUT still generates good equity performance!!! ... companies are still run be executives that have a clue US , UK and Europe are heading for or already in recession but in the long run everything balances out best advice for investments (equity) is invest in a balanced portfolio and then forget about the day to day fluctuations ...that just he big players gambling and guessing with other peoples money back in the day property was the BIG thing but lately there has been a massive decrease in value crypto is a pyramid scheme  last advice ...if you are out to make "a quick buck" you end up losing everything greed = poverty  slow and steady gives decent end results always go with the investment institutions that have credibility and decades of proven performance also keep working and generating income for as long as possible ....70 if at all possible retiring at 63 is a joke its just not practical or even desirable (mental health) Liam            
    • simonraisch
      The question is: What indexes to choose for the most passive, long-term and conservative investment? My assumption is iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF USD (Acc). Do you know of better indexes? I do not believe in gambling with savings. No crypto, no single business stocks, etc. A fool and his money soon part. Seems vultures are quick to separate celebrities from their money. Leonard Cohen also comes to mind.
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