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    • Gherardo Bonini
      Dear friends, two aspects of the just-elapsed first quarter of Olympics had impressed me, especially in watching swimming and fencing competitions. An accentuation of so called morphologism, the recruitment for sport of naturally-gifted bigger body sizes. In swimming, it was impressive watch the end of a pool length of two athletes, one early-century prototype of 1.80 of lenght and with good techniques, the other one 15/20 cm higher ending consecutively the first ahead hald-body the second at the pool-turn, then, after sub-water 20 meters, re-starting another bit at the same level. In fencing, several countries of newest wave (considering France, Italy, Hungary and Russia old masters and China, South Korea, Ukraine new wave post-1980) just like Hong Kong, Iran and so on, had recruited types of 1.95/2.00 with a longer stance than the rest of World. Just standing in initial garde position they keep the opponents off, and those are looking for a different and more difficult strategy for entering the garde. By our side, Italians had ever been the avant-gardist in interpreting the new waves or revolutionarist new policies in the sport of fencing, but they are now behind in this new challenge. We have to up-to-date ourselves and in hurry. It is difficult because we have a great patrimony of techniques, but we need a bath of humility. Friendly yours, Gherardo
    • Steve Capozzoli
      My oldest son and daughter were T&F athletes in college. They were fortunate enough to race in some prestigious events, like the Millrose Games, Penn Relays and some USTF events at Madison Square Garden and Reggie Lewis Center (Boston). Outside the bigger events, I was always surprised how the attendance was often light. This was despite elite athletes like Bernard Lagat, Mo Farrah, Galen Rupp and Allyson Felix competing. Interest seems to peak every four years for the Olympics. I believe Ken's assessment above is spot on.Β 
    • Joe Roark
      Yes, tragic ending. Just curious, how many years did he play rugby?
    • David Harrington
      Blaise, I'm sorry to hear of your brother's injuries.Β Β 
    • Blaise Boscaccy
      Hey David, my brother played rugby here in the states. He played on a team out of Memphis TN. They travelled around the country. I saw him play when they traveled to Chicago. I have know idea about the rules, I just loved watching my big brother play. At 6’5” and 250 lbs. he was a force. His injuries have destroyed his life as he got older. He had a neck injury, had an operation, a plate was put into his neck. I don’t have all specifics. But now at 70 his body has disintegrated. The nerve damage has destroyed his body. He needs a walker, he can’t drive, and so on. Just lucky our oldest brother lives near him to help him out. Guess you take a chance with any sport or trade. Oh, he played for absolutely no money. Guess that real love for the game.Β 
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