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    • Ed Mines
      Former child movie actor and chiropractor Dick Tyler must be an interesting person (I assume he's still alive being born in 1932). He wrote with such conviction. I'll bet he was paid little or nothing for his writing. When did he stop writing for the muscle magazines?
    • Ed Mines
      I've met a few. One would go in dumpsters searching for aluminium cans to sell. He gave the money to charity. Another studied for and became a priest while keeping an unrelated job.  The dumpster diver went to Malverne high school when Ken Leistner was a teacher there.
    • Ed Mines
      I think most teenage muscle magazine readers wanted the hog wash in the muscle magazines to be true so it didn't take much to convince them. Actually meeting competitive bodybuilders was an eye opener. How many were there in the '70s. 10,000? Less? A second wave of this was the the belief that the Los Angeles area was somehow the key success in bodybuilding. In almost every gym I've ever been a member of guys would go to LA on vacation (sometimes lasting years) to learn the "secret". They would come home with shirts from all the famous gyms they visited. What did they expect, some secret steroid? Maybe an unusual electrical field that promoted muscle growth?
    • jim eckhardt
      Happy Birthday Ben.
    • wolf hasenmaier
      And when you now follow up with alcohol jokes tell that to example to children who get sexually abused by their drunken or otherwise drugged "fellow human beings."  My point: Leave the bigottery away. Getting so old and not learning this is a sign of very low IQ in that regard.  It`s laughable at best. 
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