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    • peter yates
      Happy anniversary Joe, God bless you both. Peter.
    • Joe Roark
      I should be back home by tomorrow night. Geni and I got away for our 46th anniversary, and I took a couple of days off.
    • Ray Nobile
      thanks john, peter yates directed me to an article that barton hovarth wrote regarding the aau sanctioned mr universe.bob hoffman changed the judging panel after the first night prejudging as ray schaefer was the clear winner. klisanin was 4th. he replaced hovarth with paul anderson who was not an aau certified judge.basically hoffman was exposed as a liar and a fraud. he violated numerous aau rules. the article was lengthy but a real eyeopener regarding hoffmans manipulation or bullying to get his own way.hoffman was a judge and on his scorecard he had 4ft 10 and 123lb vinci beating ray schaefer. when the results were anounced and schaefer got 2nd to klisanin the audience walked out. as to why hoffman sent ray schaefer to the nabba universe instead of klisanin, hoffman said he did it to prove that  even the aaus second best was good enough to beat any of nabbas best. thanks peter for directing me to the article.  
    • john corlett
      Ray,         I believe that this was an AAU sanctioned Mr. Universe contest because Chuck Vinci entered it and he continued to compete as a weightlifter.  Ray Schaefer placed second and then went over to London and won the NABBA Amateur Universe. The contest was highly controversial and part of the York/Weider "wars" of the 1950s since Klisanin was considered a "York guy" and Schaefer a "Weider guy".
    • Ray Nobile
      thanks joe.but do you know which federation.i knew it was not nabba.perhaps ifbb or fhic?
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