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    • Joe Roark
      Thanks, Tom. Loretta told me that she thought Jack died of a broken heart over their son's death.
    • Chris McCarthy
    • Tom DiMaggio
      Ed, Jack was down on Joe Weider for whom Jack manufactured equipment for Weider to sell. He told me that Weider had made promises of a financial nature that never materialized and that he was left holding the bag.. As to Jack's personality, he was a quiet person, not given to a lot of talking. Very often he would stand alone just outside of the gym with his hands in his pockets and seemed to be lost in thought. He was not one to laugh or joke around. On one occasion Jack had just installed some matting squares that he had sown together by hand. My training partner told Jack that it wouldn't hold up and began kicking at it to demonstrate his point. Jack became red faced furious and began screaming at my partner. I new then that Jack was not one to be messed with. That was the only time that I ever saw him angry, and frankly, I didn't blame him. I entered The Mr. Teenage Northern California contest during the time I worked out at Jack's. Without telling me of his intention, Jack showed up to support me. I took 3rd place and thought that I should have placed 2nd, but not 1st, as the winner obviously had a better physique . The 2nd place finisher was from Pearl's gym in Sacramento, and in fact Bill was there to support him. At the gym the following week, Jack told me that the guy who placed second didn't deserve it and that it was only done as an acknowledgement to Bill Pearl. Jack seemed to be personally offended by this. Years after I no longer worked out at gym I went to Jack's to buy some plates for my home gym. Without my expecting it Jack gave me a nice discount on my purchase. Personally I liked Jack. He had always been one of my very favorite bodybuilding idols, and to this day I fondly remember my brief association with him.  
    • Joe Roark
      Finished this book. An easy read, well written, but not deep. I was hoping for more detail about their music careers. It is mostly the story of his life (hence the title) and then their marriage and her health decline, through which they both remained steadfast and unwavering. Surprisingly, he was not at first attracted to her because of her looks, but because of her 'self'.
    • Joe Roark
      Indeed. Only the autographs will settle the issue and we have none of those.
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