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    • Ken Sprague
      I remember that David Carter committed suicide. The mechanism: he slit is own throat. [There's no joke here. Although it's difficult to believe that someone would slash their own throat. ] David (aka The Missing Link) also had an ad in the LA Free Press---as did a number of the guys. But significant to The Link, he advertised w/ a photo---he used an eyebrow pencil to draw lines on his body (abs, arms, pecs) to appear more muscular in the photo. Link moved from the East Coast, living out of an old van and eating from garbage cans during his first years in LA. I felt sorry for the guy and hired him to "guard" a motion picture sound stage I owned in Hollywood. That also allowed him a place to park his van in the outside set-construction lot. I was called late one night by the police/alarm company. Someone tripped the alarm---there was a million dollars worth of camera equipment in the building.  I knew immediately what had happened. The curious Link---always looking for an easy score---found an opening in the 42'-tall roof, tripping the alarm during his entry. He lost his "guard" job. [I didn't tell the police.]
    • Joe Roark
      Moby sent me a copy of the David Carter book The Iron Game along with the real identities (he said) of the characters' names. He also wrote in the margin of the page describing him continually picking his nose: Not true!
    • Joe Roark
      July 11, 1969 George Jowett died. Born December 23, 1891. George was genuinely strong in some movements but certainly misrepresented his strength on occasion. Charles A. Smith did not care for George's false claims, nor did Leo Gaudreau.  The unfortunate photo in three stages showing George clean and press a 162 lb anvil shows that photo-altering is not new.      From a letter of Sep 5, 1984 from Leo Gaudreau to Bob Hall:         "I am sorry you were disillusioned about the writings of          George F. Jowett. I knew him personally and met him on           several ocassions(sic)...he was an interesting and fascinating          personality personally but, place him behind a typewriter and          strong-man history was subjected to much falsehood. In spite          of his falsehoods I liked the man."
    • Joe Roark
      July 10, 1979 Father and son chinning records: Curd Edmunds 115 reps  age 65/66 ?    (died Feb 17, 2001) Chris Edmunds 126 reps I have heard these reps were not from a dead hand, but more in line with modern kip reps. Can anyone confirm?
    • john corlett
      Sacramento's NBC affiliate KCRA broadcast this story last night:   https://www.kcra.com/article/at-home-gym-equipment-sales-soar-amid-covid-19-pandemic/33269715
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