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      Of globed barbells and bellies swelled. Of beer garden lifting and overhead shifting. The days when abuse meant too many steaks chased down by too much beer.

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      Thanks Michael. I always found  Stanglmaier's physique to be impressive.
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      HI Gherardo: I am sure you have seen the cover of La Sante Par Les Sports for July of 1920. Maybe some others that are interested in this topic can't put a face to a name so here's a scan of Georg Rasso (Stangelmeier).-m
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      Hi Gherardo: The first article above states Georg Stangelmeier's born in Hamburg on June 10, 1864. This is the first time that I can recall that his date of birth is documented. As I recall, his date of birth is usually stated as "circa 1865". Stangelmeier may have wrestled Apollon (Louis Uni) during the 1890's in Germany. Both are better known for their achievements with strength acts than in the wrestling arena. I mentioned that I do not own an image of Antonio Pierri-that is not entirely correct. I do own this ELD Series real photo postcard. I don't think this was photographed when Pierri was at his best. He appears aged to me here. I think Pierri was roughly 46 when he wrestled Hackenschmidt in London in 1902. The cabinet card photographs of Apollon, Stangelmeier and Pierri are very difficult to find today. Most of the images that survive are those that are reproduced from the books and magazines from that era.-Michael
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      Dear Michael, Thanks for your posts. I am checking "Athletik" for investigating whether Stanglmeier's birth date appears. On the issue of 19 August 1905, page 515, there is a spot about him with his body measurements but without indication of his age. Yours friendly Gherardo
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      Hi Gherardo: The information on Georges Stangelmeier (Rasso) is very good. I don't believe I have ever seen the date of his birth stated? The Rasso's are among my favorites and one of the finest articles that comes to mind is the one that is written on them by David Webster that appears in Peary Rader's Iron Man Magazine. I think the issue is November of 1895 but I would need to check my copies to verify the correct date. Bech Olsen is a puzzling character. As I recall, George Hackenschmidt didn't have anything nice to say about him in his book, The Way To Live. I am quite sure that Hackenschmidt suffered an injury (fell out of the ring during the match and was unable to continue). Bech Olsen then declared a victory. It was something along this line. Tom Cannon and Antonio Pierri are part of wrestling folklore. A friend of mine owns a beautiful poster of Pierri when he appeared at the Folies-Bergere. I am guessing that this would be in the mid to late 1890's. I have searched for a fine image of Antonio Pierri but to date I have been unable to locate one. Attached is an image of Bech Olsen by Walery. Again, thanks for all of your efforts.-Michael
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